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The company’s knowledge and experience has been gained dealing almost entirely with the delivery of major, largely private sector, commercial projects. It has also advised local government on the delivery of major projects, associated fund-raising challenges and key elements of local economic development plans.

Through working at lead executive, CEO and Board level and focusing and managing effective engagement at the highest levels of government and the public sector, Cherton adds significant value to the potential for success of client business plans.

Its principals are recognised as trusted professionals in this field and success has been our measure. 

Professional advice will range across all key success areas such as local communities, customer groups, commerce, politics and (local, regional and national) administrative structures.

We are ready to support you in the following areas;

  • Government and parliamentary affairs
  • Political engagement and campaigns
  • Community engagement, campaigns and consultations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Political monitoring, intelligence and forecasting
  • Political audits
  • Message development and communications campaign management
  • Profile raising and strategic positioning
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Public policy research and analysis
  • Coalition building
  • Crisis management
  • Media relations