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Charity Management and Governance

Cherton provides a niche service for organisations in the 3rd Sector, specifically focussed on providing cost effective essential support and advice on all governance, administrative, organisational and financial matters for Charitable bodies.

Cherton can support Charities by offering its ’a la carte’ support services menu to clients. This allows Charities to decide what they need and benchmark the services against alternatives. Services offered will include:

  •        Governance
  •        Administration
  •        Events
  •        Grants – calls, announcements, processing, recommendations, awards and reviews
  •        Financial book keeping and credit control
  •        Account preparation requirements and facilitation

Case Study – Hope for Youth NI

Cherton has provided Hope for Youth NI intimate support over the last three years – a brief outline of the charity is provided below:

Hope for Youth (formerly Women Caring Trust) aims to help fund cross-community projects that give disadvantaged young people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to work together on practical projects that foster teamwork, creativity and personal development, especially within the arts or the great outdoors.

Through fundraising events, sponsorship, regular donations and the help of our volunteers, Hope for Youth helps to fund cross-community projects that enhance the lives of disadvantaged young people aged 11-18 in Northern Ireland.

The Charity’s approach is non-political and non-sectarian, and our team of local advisers work closely with Cherton Enterprise Ltd to ensure that grants are only used for peaceful and constructive purposes.

By giving young people a glimpse of a less fractured society - focusing on cross-community activity that fosters teamwork and creativity - especially in the field of music, art, drama and the great outdoors - we aim to help break the cycle of violence that has troubled Northern Ireland for decades.